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Crowdfunding The Future We Want

Help fund world-saving technologies, projects, and people.

Crowdsourcing Human Energy To Solve Big Problems

50 million trees were planted in one day in 2016. Imagine a billion people getting together to get things done.

Big Prizes For Teams Tackling Big Challenges

Large incentive prizes led innovators to prove it was possible to fly across the Atlantic and into space. Let’s tackle food, water, air, energy, mobility, and more!

Happy People and Ecosystems: The City Of Tomorow

We are learning to design sustainable and resilient urban spaces which can ultimately help reduce conflict, poverty, and climate change.


Globot is an online platform for discovering, vetting, promoting, funding, and implementing solutions to global challenges.

It’s like Wikipedia + StackOverflow (or Yelp) + Kickstarter + Mutual Funds + The Peace Corps


  1. Define Civilization 2.0. Hopefully it’s something like “a sustainably happy healthy human population and happy healthy ecosystems”
  2. Identify projects, science, technology, organizations, and individuals that have the power to move us rapidly toward Civilization 2.0
  3. Use crowd funding/investing to kickstart and/or sustain development of solutions
  4. Galvanize and empower billions of humans to take actions and build an awesome future together
  5. Enjoy life